How to Properly Format a Real Estate Property Description

Now that you know what should and should not be included in your property description, it’s important to know which formatting styles work and which ones don’t. The point of writing a property description is to make the property stand out among the many other properties listed for sale. The formatting of your description should make certain points of your description stand out.


It is okay to use capitalization in your description even if you are not beginning a sentence or using a proper noun. Capitalize selling points that you really want to stand out. Use capitalizing sparingly to avoid making your description difficult to read.


Always use numerals instead of spelling out numbers. This makes it easier for buyers to pick out features and selling points i.e. 3 baths instead of three baths. Which one stands out more?


Use headers in your description when possible. This can include what the property includes, features of the surrounding area, etc.

Bulleted Lists:

Bulleted lists are great for listing specific features. They are also used to break up information. Try not to overdo it.


Always use fonts that are easy to read. Skip fancy and cursive fonts. This makes it difficult for a potential buyer to skim over your description and pick out the points that are important to them.

You can use different fonts to an extent. For example, you can use Times New Roman for all your headlines and Arial for all of your paragraphs. Stay consistent and make sure the fonts you choose are visually appealing with one another.

Whether or not you choose to use color in your property description is up to you. Where will you be placing the description? On a website or in a real estate magazine? A downside to color is that it costs more in print. An upside is that it will make your description stand out on a page of many in black and white.

There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to formatting a property description. What formatting tips and tricks can you offer?

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