Prospect Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Prospect marketing can generate a massive amount of leads if you do it correctly. Most potential clients in the housing market establish a relationship with the first agent they contact online and continue to use that agent to find a home for sale or for their selling needs.

As the agent, it’s important to open the door to the right market and then put in the work needed to establish that necessary and profitable relationship.

One of the fundamental steps in prospect marketing for real estate agents is determining which prospect leads you are looking for, i.e. those who want to find a home for sale, sellers or those looking for a mortgage.

Relationship Marketing

All relationships must begin somewhere, especially pertaining to the housing market. In order to retain a healthy relationship with your clients, you must first start out with a solid foundation.

There are four vital steps which must be followed in succession when building a solid relationship.

* The Introduction: The introduction process involves finding prospective clients to build relationships with. Keep in mind the fundamental step in prospect marketing.

Introduce yourself to prospective clients through the internet, advertisements, direct mail, referrals, networking, etc. Always make sure your prospect knows what your intentions are.

* Set up a Meeting: The meeting is where you tell your prospective clients about yourself, your agency and services. Listening to and inquiring about your potential clients is extremely important at this step. Find out what they want.

Do they want to find a home for sale or to sell their current home? Let them know you are able to provide these services for them.

* Making the Proposal: Successful real estate agents explain their services and fees. Verbally communicate, send an e-mail or write them down for your prospective clients.

* The Closing: The closing is when the client accepts your proposal. This can take anywhere from a few days to a year to happen as the housing market is constantly changing. Be patient and be available.

All four steps must be taken when building a relationship with a client. Putting forth an effort and continuing to build on a client relationship should be an ongoing process.

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