Automated Backlinking vs Manual Backlinking - How to Choose Which is Right for You

Backlinking services are mainly differentiated into two categories: automated and manual. Automated backlinking services make use of software to send out huge amounts of posts that contain links to your website to various websites or directories.

Manual backlinking services work by creating articles containing backlinks to be posted on article directories and finding relevant blog and forum to post comments.

Many automated backlinking tools aid in submission to article directories. These tools will be ideal for site owners with good content articles on hand. The tools can help to reduce the time and cost spent on manual submission.

There are also tools that create large numbers of profile links. These tools create various profiles on different sites that will contain links to your webpages. You key in your basic profile information along with your web link and the software will automatically use the information for all profiles created. However, many sites require Captcha entry and email verification for registration. Furthermore, your account may be suspended for inactivity.

Tools that help in large scale commenting are another option for automated backlinking. This software will find several blogs and submit comments with links to direct back to your site. You will set the email, name and web address beforehand.

However, with blog commenting tools, you risk posting spam comments and the blogs may not necessary be relevant. As each blog has different content, your blog comment could only be generic sentences like "That was a great post! I would like to see more content coming from you." These comments do not add any value to the discussion and may be marked as spam.

As Google continues to improve its techniques in indexing sites, there is a trend of Internet marketers going back to manual backlinking services. Whether you decide to use automated or backlinking services at the end, you should always try to maintain a link building profile that are diverse in nature.

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