3 Steps Top Real Estate Agents Use to Create a Tagline

When clients visit your website how do they know who you are, what industry you are in or how you can be of benefit to them? What services do you offer? What real estate advice do you give? What is your going rate? How well do you rank among other agents? This is the type of information prospective clients are looking for before they take the next step in beginning a working relationship with you. Where is this information posted on your website or blog and how easily accessible is it?

There is a simple way to answer how you benefit your clients, what you offer in terms of services and what you as one of the top real estate agents/agencies are all about. Create a tagline. A tagline is a simple and direct way to let clients know what it is you offer. There are 3 steps to take when creating an effective tagline.

Mission: Determine your mission. Choose a clear and direct mission of your website and or blog. Are you focused on giving out real estate advice? Do you specialize in property records? Are you starting a niche blog? Figure out what your sole purpose is, be clear about it and stick with it.

Example mission: You research property records anywhere in the state.

Promise: How do you benefit your clients? Are you great at finding the best deals for buyers? Do you focus on exclusive listings? Is your real estate advice up to date and client specific? Come up with a list of benefits for your clients and insert one in your tagline.

Example benefits: See where your ancestors lived, know your homes history, who owns property in your neighborhood, etc.

Brand: You know your brand and its projected image better then anyone else. You also know how you differ from the competition and you know why you are one of the top real estate agents in the state. Prospective clients want to know this too. Include a reflection of your brand in your tagline.

Example brand/image: Diligent, goes the extra mile, expertise, will get the job done.

Now that you have your mission, promise and brand in order it’s time to put them together to create an unforgettable, clear and direct tagline. “Digging up property records to preserve your family history.”

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