Page Rank is an Important Aspect in Real Estate Marketing

If you have a website, which you should, then you should also be interested in how high your website ranks with search engines. On that note, search engines (Google in particular) love inbound links to websites. They count the number of websites linking to your own when crawling your site to determine where to place it among the millions of others in their indexes. When thinking about inbound links, search engines do not solely focus on quantity, they focus on quality and so should you. A high page rank means your real estate marketing strategy is paying off.

Relevance: A website that has similar content to yours and uses similar keywords provides more value to your website than one that has no bearing at all. Since your website is all about the industry, a website providing statistics about commercial real estate will give you a higher ranking among search engines than one that provides info on dog breeds.

Popularity: Websites that have high search engine ranking themselves will give you’re ranking a boost. One popular website linking to yours won’t do much for your ranking but several will. To get a popular website to link to yours, you must benefit that site in some way. If you are an area expert in business financing, a site specializing in commercial real estate will benefit from you.

Every search engine uses different criteria to give a website a page rank. Their criteria are kept secret in an attempt to keep the process fair to all. Page rank is scaled from 1 to 10. Websites with a page rank of 5 or higher are considered popular sites.

Inbound links are not the only way to increase your site's page rank. Listing your website with popular directories is another way to go. Directories list a vast amount of websites by category. Most allow you to localize your website by entering state, county, city or metro area. Why is this important? Someone looking to invest in commercial real estate in your region can use a directory to find a broker in that area.

Page rank needs to be a top priority when it comes to your real estate marketing plan. Popular websites make higher profits and get more brand exposure.

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