Build Your Brand: Offer a TeleClass

Are you looking for a new way to increase your brand awareness? Offering a free teleclass is a different way to increase interest in your brand. Not sure how a teleclass works? Participants phone in to listen to you or someone else speak. The purpose of the teleclass is to teach your participants a new skill and supply their demand for beneficial information.

One tip that many leaders in the teleclass business suggest is for all first timers to listen in on a few teleclasses themselves to get a feel for the process and to learn the flow of the class.

Step 1: Define your topic and research it well. The purpose of the class is to provide your audience with the information they want. They’re attending your class because they want to learn and bypass the research themselves.

Step 2: Greet your participants and tell them what your class is about. If you’re having a guest speaker, introduce them next. Then list the objectives of the class (you can add a brief description) and inform your audience of how long the class will be. The average teleclass is about an hour in length.

Step 3: Secure a conference line for the class. There are tools available for your use but many have a restriction on the number of people allowed on the call. You can turn this into a selling point by marketing the fact that a limited number of spots are open. This gives each participant more time to ask questions and participate verbally during the class.

Step 4: You’ll need to create a landing page to promote your class and offer people an easy way to sign up. Formatting is up to you. This is also a great place to offer an incentive such as a free subscription to your newsletter.

Step 5: Create a registration page. This is where your participants will sign in. Include a link to your follow up page where participants can access the dial in number, pass code, dates and times.

Always record each teleclass you hold. As the number of your classes grows, you can archive them and allow access to a pre-recorded class. This will give people access to your classes at any time, anywhere.

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