Can You Make Money with a Teleclass?

Can you make money with a teleclass? Of course you can. Maybe you’re looking for a way to increase business profits and tap into a new market or have an archive of teleclasses sitting dormant not making you any money. Whatever the case, you can begin charging for your teleclasses, for transcripts and audio downloads.

Marketing: When you’re ready to begin marketing your teleclass, design a marketing plan and promote your teleclass on your website, in your blog, on social media platforms, in opt-in lists, and other forms of online advertising.

Use keywords to optimize your marketing plan, that way when people search for information on your topic, information and links to your teleclass will pop up in their search engine results.

Price: Figure out how much money you need to charge per class in order to make a profit. Figure in costs for the class itself, marketing, costs of transcription services, etc. Make sure to figure in how many people you will need to attend your class to meet your money making goals.

Membership: Some people offer membership services. This works best when you offer a monthly or weekly teleclass. People pay a monthly or yearly fee to attend any or all of your classes.

To get memberships going you can offer a free trial. This allows people to get to know you and your product. It also establishes a line of trust. People are more likely to buy from a brand, which can be you as an individual or your company, when they know and trust you.

As your teleclass business grows, you can add incentives to increase individual participation and memberships. Include access to videos, audio clips and articles as well as your teleclasses.

Would you consider charging for your teleclasses? Why or why not? What methods of marketing do you find work best for you when promoting a teleclass?

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