Choose From a Number of Affiliate Marketing Websites

If have chosen to go the route of affiliate marketing as a means of promoting your business online, there are a number of affiliate marketing websites you should familiarize yourself with. You know your business, its target audience and have the best idea of which type of affiliate marketing will work best.

If you’re still not sure what type of affiliate marketing is available to you, below is a list of different kinds of websites to get you started down the right path.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
  * Promote product and service offers. You pay the search engine each time your link is clicked on.

Comparison Shopping
  * Index your website in a comparison directory or website. This is where consumers go to compare what you are offering to your competitors.

Loyalty Websites
  * Loyalty websites use a point’s back system. When consumers purchase your product or service from these websites they are rewarded.

CRM Websites
  * These offer charitable donations.

Coupon/Rebate Websites
  * Use sales promotion as a means of marketing.

Content/Niche Market Websites
  * Focus on product reviews.

Email List Affiliates
  * Use opt-in email lists saturated with content. Utilizes newsletter list affiliates and e-mail drip marketing.

Shopping Directories
  * Provides a list of categorized merchants only. Contains no promotional tactics.

Co-Registration Affiliates
  * Gives promotional offers during the registration process.

Cost-Per-Action Networks
  * Affiliated advertisers share promotional offers from other affiliates on their network.

  * Displayed on websites. These ads compliment products offered on the site.

Virtual Currency
  * Utilized via social networks. When a consumer plays a game they are rewarded with virtual currency along with promotional offers.

Video Blogs
  * Viewers can click and purchase products while watching the video. Products are associated with the video content.

In addition to these personal websites, website syndication and web-blogs are associated with affiliate marketing websites. Typically, adbars and banner ads are incorporated into personal websites. The owner of the website is paid by the advertiser based on the performance of the ad.

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