Pay-Per-Click Search Engines Can Increase Website Traffic

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines basically run the same way as a regular search engine with one exception. There is a catch and it’s a big one.

When you list your business URL with a pay-per-click website you make a bid. The advertiser that makes the biggest bid lands the top spot in the search engine ranking.

What You Need to Supply as the Advertiser

* Links: This includes the URL, description and title.
* Keywords: Keywords or keyword phrases that apply to the search.
* Bids: The amount the advertiser will pay per click (this can vary depending on the keyword).

Why Placing the Highest Bid Works

First of all, after a keyword is entered into a search engine, websites are listed from the highest to the lowest bidder. Typically, higher bidders generate more traffic to their websites. Websites that are listed are referred to as ads.

Once an ad is clicked the advertiser pays the host search engine.

PPC Affiliates

If you don’t like the idea of having to pay the host every time someone clicks your link, there is another option available.

Many PPC’s have affiliate programs where they offer a monetary incentive to affiliate partner websites. The affiliates are paid for performance. Merchants are not required to pay affiliates that do not make any sales.

Sponsored links or sponsored ads appear on the search results page, usually at the top. These ads must match the keywords typed into the search engine. Three popular PPC providers are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.

The Downside

Some contend that there is a downside to PPC advertising because they think paid for results are bogus due to the fact that they are paid for.
Various players in the marketing world suggest doing your research before deciding on which PPC search engines to use and making sure their results are reliable.

Also, some PPC advertising experiences click fraud. This is when competing advertisers fraudulently click ads resulting in the legitimate advertiser dishing out excess money.

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