Content Advice from Ozio Media: Complaints and How to Deal with Them

When it comes to business, handling complaints is part of the job and something the Ozio Media complaints strategy can help with. Not every complaint is easy to handle and some require more action than others. Respond to complaints in a more effective manner by following this strategy. Complaints should be dealt with no matter what because your response reflects your brand.

The first step is to focus on the issue and resolution. As soon as handling a complaint turns personal, the task at hand becomes much more difficult. Next, determine the outlet for addressing the complaint. The outlet should correspond with where the complaint was issued. Keep in mind that some complaints may need to be dealt with privately out of respect for privacy.

The next step in the Ozio Media complaints strategy is to understand. All valid complaints are made for a reason. Looking at the issue from all sides is extremely effective. If you are not sure why the complaint was made, ask. What is the person making the complaints point of view? Never jump to conclusions.

When someone makes a complaint, they want to be heard. Ask questions and listen carefully. The purpose of your questioning is to make clarifications and to find out what the person wants the outcome to be. This step often includes an apology or a sign of empathy.

Step number five in this complaints strategy involves issuing a response. Acknowledge why the person(s) is upset and tell them that you understand why they are frustrated or angry. In order to effectively handle a complaint, the issue must be resolved. Inform the person(s) of how you are going to handle the situation whether through a solution or alternative. Always remember to give them a time frame as well.

Thank those that complained for taking the time to bring the issue to your attention. This is an effective way to make them feel valued.

Communication is a vital part of what makes this strategy a successful one. Complaints should always be handled by the most suitable department whether it is legal, sales and promotions, or marketing and advertising. Your delivery and timely response to a complaint are keys to success.

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