Tips from Ozio Media: Complaints and How to Handle Them with Content

There are certain steps that should be taken when handling a complaint or negative review. Complaints and negative reviews are a part of business and are not always a bad thing. When consumers research a product or business online, they expect to see both positive and negative reviews as well as a few complaints. This helps to validate the product and business.

However not all complaints and negative reviews are the same. Begin by determining whether or not the complaint is valid. If a complaint is not valid, respond in a kind and professional way such as “We appreciate your perspective, but are not sure what the issue is you are referring to.”

By no means does responding to an invalid complaint mean you should continue to go back and forth with the person. Put the invalid complaint to rest and move on. All valid complaints and negative reviews should be responded to in an in-depth manor.

Rule number one is to respond in the positive. After reading the complaint, ask yourself why the complaint was made, and how you can help. Reach out to the person who made the complaint while respecting their privacy.

Next, offer a solution tailored to the individual. Let the individual know when you’ll be making a change or righting their wrong. Once the complaint has been settled, bring an end to the situation by following up with the customer one last time and thanking them for their patience.

When it comes to negative reviews, always read them thoroughly and determine the issue. Again, ask why and how. Next, issue a response. A response to a negative review can be a positive review, press release, content posted on your website, or posts made via social media all in light of the negative situation at hand.

A response should never be handled in a defensive manner and never make it personal. Negative reviews are written by product testers, unhappy customers, and the competition. Never address them directly or reference them in your response. Reference the issue and your solution.

When issuing a response to negative content, always remain calm and collected even if you have a right to be angry. Once you post a response anywhere online it becomes part of your business. Customer service reflects your brand. Keep it positive and professional.

If you find your business receiving complaints or being thwarted by negative reviews, follow the above tips from Ozio Media. Complaints and other negative content can be turned into a positive with the right reaction.

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