Help Clients Find a Home for Sale by Bringing Farming to the Internet

Farming is an effective tool when it comes to generating leads and increasing client interest. Farming entails targeting a specific geographic area such as a neighborhood and distributing information about listings, real estate investing and industry related activity in that area.

Direct mail is the most popular method of distribution. These days, real estate agents include their website URL or blog domain name somewhere on their direct mailings.

However, many are making the same mistake. Instead of supplying potential clients with a link to the information pertaining to a specific area essentially aiding them in their quest to find a home for sale, they are providing a link to their homepage.

Why is this a downfall? People who type in the URL are being directed to information that has nothing to do with the area of interest targeted in the direct mailings.

When they see information that is of no value or interest to them they either log off or move on to another site. To stop this from happening, provide a direct URL to the information you are advertising. Why are you leaving it up to your clients to search and find the right information?

The reason clients have come to your site is to find a home for sale and because they are interested in real estate investing in that specific area and it is your job to make this as easy as possible.

Many of the top websites and blogs, (the ones with high traffic and page rankings) have web pages and categories dedicated to specific neighborhoods.

On a website, create a site map to make it easier for clients who haven’t been directed by a link to find neighborhood specific information.
For blogs, create appropriately named categories. Not only is it important to establish individual web pages and categories, keeping the information in these sections up to date is vital. Up to date information attracts those interested in real estate investing.

Another tactic that is quickly catching on among real estate agents is to buy domain names associated for specific neighborhoods. These are easy to link to your main website and just as easy for clients to remember.

A domain name that is simple and easy to remember can quickly be passed along from client to potential client and affiliated real estate agents.

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