Promote MLS Real Estate Listings and Gain Client Interaction

There are several reasons why you want people to read your emails even if they are not in the market at the moment to buy/sell a property or retain your real estate services.

The number one reason for establishing your email marketing campaign is to drive traffic to your website. Your emails will contain a link to your website where information about you, your agency and your real estate services are available in abundance.

Getting Potential Clients to Read Your Emails

First, what are you typing into your subject line? If you are promoting a service or MLS real estate listings to a targeted audience, then say so directly.

Also, it’s important to keep your emails consistent. Information must also be beneficial to the client and never waiver from quality. The purpose of your email marketing campaign is to gain a healthy interaction between your agency and your clients.

What’s even better is providing an email so beneficial that those on your email list forward it along to others.


Providing the right content can get your recipients to open and read your emails. When sending out information of promotions or MLS real estate listings, include free beneficial information related to the promotion.

If the basis of your email is to educate your audience, advertise your agency and your real estate services within the content.

Also, issue a survey, provide an easy way for clients to give feedback, promote a competition or include reviews or the latest polls. These are great ways to promote interaction.


Some email marketers have gotten creative with their email campaigns. Sending a video is especially effective with younger clients. Use humor to get people interested and entice them to send more people your way.

Do not include the video in the email, but post it on your site. Include a link to the video in your email along with a catchy description and other beneficial information.

This way if a client doesn’t click your link they will still have received something of value.

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