How to Generate Real Estate Leads Online

The ability you have to generate leads will ultimately add to the amount of profit you are making. Also, it’s a characteristic that sets you apart from other real estate agents and a contributing factor to your success.

In the past it was common practice for many agents to purchase their leads. This tactic is still being used by many agents, but if it is the only tactic you are using then you are probably swiftly falling behind your competition.

Forget Cold Calling, Entice People to Contact You
Cold calling means you’ll be putting in phone calls to a list of strangers who haven’t asked to be contacted by you which can both annoy and turn them away.

Make yourself of interest to potential clients and make them want to contact you. If they call you then they are already interested and you will have a much easier time building a trusting business relationship with them.

* Make Yourself Visible: The more visible you are online, the better your chances of being contacted.

Recently, search engine optimization has become a hot commodity among real estate agents. Jump on the bandwagon and get ahead of the game.

Also, publish real estate articles on the internet that include a byline and link back to your website.

* Become Valuable: Are you an expert in a certain corner of the market? Do you specialize in foreclosed homes or do you have a reputation for client exclusivity?

Market that information. Let potential clients know exactly why you are of value to them and how you will benefit them in specific areas.

Tip: Issue a free report on your website or available for download containing exclusive information. This info should be hard to find elsewhere and of extreme value.

* Instill Trust: It’s important for your target audience to view you as being trustworthy. In a tactful way, put any sales awards or professional certifications out there.

Make your long track record well known and include client testimonials on your website or in ads. Testimonials with more detail produce better results.

Be sure to include your client’s full name, a picture and the neighborhood or area of town where you helped them purchase or sell a home.

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