Real Estate Marketing: How to Market a Property Online

Marketing a property online can be a successful and profitable venture if it’s done the right way. Some real estate agents see a light to moderate return on homes marketed on the internet while others experience a high margin of profit. What sets these two apart? The success of a property marketed online depends on marketing tactics, information provided and accessibility to the information.


Make your website easy to navigate. Use menus and links to provide clustered information. Make the search as easy as possible for potential clients. It’s also helpful to add an easy to use and simplified search tool. Keep your home page simple and straight forward. Throwing too much information at a potential client is more likely to turn them away than to help them out.


Attract potential buyers with a simple and informative headline. Add many pictures of the property from different angles. If you were the homebuyer, what information would be important to you and what would you want to see? The information you post should be plentiful, but stick to pertinent details only. Give all of the information a homebuyer will need to keep them focused on your site. Always use proper grammar to keep your site professional.


Search engine optimization is essential when marketing a property on the web. Make getting noticed by search engines a priority. To get noticed, optimize your home page title as well as the titles for the rest of your pages. Include keywords in your property descriptions and other information posted on the site.


Always get back to the client via e-mail. Make sure your e-mail tool is working properly and reply to clients as soon as possible.

Marketing on the internet is more cost effective than other commonly used means of marketing such as print ads and TV or radio promotions. To ensure your website is running at its fullest potential, take a look around. Explore all areas of your site. Check for glitches, slow loading pages, typos and misinformation. This is a good way to make sure all information, pictures and listings are present and accounted for.

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