Include the Current Real Estate Trend in Website Announcements

Posting up to date and relevant information about the industry on your website is an effective way to entice visitors. More visitors increase website traffic making your website more visible within search engines. Running a website with a high page rank makes marketing your brand and services easier. More traffic leads to more clients and increased profits. You’re doing all you can to optimize your website for SEO purposes, so what else can you do along those same lines?

Providing industry related announcements is a great way to provide information that people are looking for like news on real estate foreclosures and upcoming open houses. Monitor industry blogs, forums and the news. Watch for and write about a specific real estate trend and include current information in the form of announcements on your website. Most highly ranked websites routinely post announcements on their home pages. Use specific keywords in your announcements to attract visitors.

Announcements typically include news about real estate foreclosures, listings, statistics, upcoming open houses, a specific real estate trend and much more.

When writing an announcement to post on your website the information you post and style of your writing is of utmost importance. The purpose of an announcement is to provide readers with news. Follow these tips to write effectual announcements.

Be Direct: Capture your reader’s attention and provide them with information they can read and understand after one read through. Only include pertinent information. For example, when announcing upcoming open houses, provide the date, location and time at the beginning of the announcement.

Tone: Write in a friendly tone. Insert keywords naturally. A flowing and easy to read announcement is easier to remember.

Length: Announcements should be as short and precise as possible. Keep your readers attention by making your point at the beginning of the announcement. Do not leave any questions unanswered.

Always use factual information. When writing about real estate foreclosures, use current information that pertains to your area. Proofread, fact check and eliminate all spelling and grammatical errors before publishing. An announcement containing errors of any kind makes you less credible.

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