Post Information That Prospective Clients Want to Increase Real Estate Sales

Are you finally turning to the internet to promote yourself or your agency? Do you already have a website or real estate blog and are looking for new ways to attract clients? If you haven’t already, it’s time to post information that prospective clients are looking for.

Before a client takes that first step in forming a relationship with you, there are a host of questions they want answers to. If you do not provide the answers they are looking for in one convenient and easily accessible place, they are likely to move on to another website or real estate blog until they find the information and type of agent they are looking for. Why is posting this information important? It will land more clients on your doorstep and increase real estate sales.

What are prospective clients looking for and what type of information do you need to provide them with?

1. An agent that specializes in the area of the industry they are interested in.

2. An agent they can get to know and trust.

3. An agent that works in their geographic location.

4. An agent with awards/certifications.

5. An agent that is easily accessible.

6. An agent that gets the job done in a timely manner.

Always list the credentials of each and every agent in their individual profiles. Prospective clients look for certifications including ABR, CDPE, LHMS, CRS and SRES. As your education continues and more certifications are earned, list those as well.

Once you know what prospective clients are looking for, write content to be posted on a website and/or real estate blog. The content needs to flow naturally and be easy to read and understand. Think of the types of questions prospective clients have asked you as an agent in the past before signing on as your client. An influx of new clients will raise real estate sales even in a poor market.

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