List Your Website with All Search Engines

Once your business website is up and running, the next and most vital step is to submit your URL to search engines. You will increase traffic to your website by the truckload.

The next time someone enters a keyword or keyword phrase that identifies with your website into a search engine, your website will be listed.
This is one of the most important steps that need to be taken when marketing your business website.

Linking and Indexing a Search Engine

When you notify a search engine of a new website it is referred to as search engine registration. In order to tell a search engine what site it will be linking to you must provide a URL.

This process is fairly simple as the only information required besides the URL is a quick description of the site. All you need to provide little information about which topics are covered and who the owner of the site is.

Typically, search engine registration forms are located at the bottom of the search engine home page in the list of links. Look for “Add URL”, “Suggest a Site” or the “Submit URL” link.

Next, the search engine will automatically index the website.

Search Engine Ranking

After a query is entered into the search engine, websites are listed according to rank. Rank is decided upon in order of relevance meaning which website is more likely to provide the information searched for.

Every search engine has its own way of determining relevance. When building your business website consider adding keywords and keyword phrases to the meta title, metadata, number of incoming links, incoming link text, appropriate semantic markup and page text. Each one of these factors is given a score which is totaled by the search engine.

The website with the highest total is the most relevant and gets listed first.

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