Send Your Real Estate Blog Viral

You spend hours researching and writing content for your real estate blog and dutifully make posts on a daily or weekly basis. Whether your real estate blogging venture is geared towards the industry in general or is marketed towards a specific geographical area or niche, going viral is a sure way to speed up the number of followers you have. Why is it important to gain a mass following?

It gets your brand out there and helps to establish yourself as an expert in your field. It also extends your list of prospective and current clients. Adding your domain name to signs, business cards and print ads is great, but it simply isn’t enough. To stay ahead of the competition it’s essential to go viral beginning with your real estate blog.

Going viral is pretty easy. Simply add a convenient and easy to spot way for your readers to share your post at the bottom of each post. By using plug-ins and coding tools, your readers can click a button and send your post via e-mail, post your link on their site or send it to their favorite social networking sites. Another great feature about plug-ins and coding tools is they do not clutter your blog. You can place a single button at the end of each post that will expand into a row of buttons when clicked on. By adding a simple sharing tool, the time you spend real estate blogging can pay really pay off.

Using sharing tools in all posts instead of along the border of your blog can increase traffic immeasurably. Sharing tools are quickly catching on because when people like what they read, they like to be the first to pass along the information and share it with their friends. One share tool that is catching on is called SiphsMail. This tool tracks statistics for you. You will be able to see how many times your post has been shared and on which platforms. When a post of particular interest is shared a vast amount of times and you know about it, you can seize the moment and expand on it.

Once you’ve added a sharing tool to your blog, you can consider yourself going viral. In no time you will be able to see whether your real estate blogging efforts and the information you are putting out there is successful or needs a little work.

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