SEO for Real Estate Blogs

Can you search engine optimize a blog? Of course you can and you should. SEO for real estate blogs is actually pretty simple whether you are writing the blog yourself or employing a web content provider to do it for you. Those with experience in blogging know that in order to gain exposure for their blogs, they must post new content on a regular basis. That means writing a new blog post at least two to three times a week. Many serious bloggers go above and beyond those numbers and post daily, some multiple times a day.

So how do you search engine optimize a blog? First, begin by selecting topics of interest such as real estate foreclosures. If you are going to spend the time writing or pay a web content provider to write for you, you need to blog about topics that people are interested in. Now that you have a list of topics, construct a list of keywords that people are most likely to type into a search engine when browsing the web for information. Use two to three keywords per post and insert them naturally into your writing one to three times per post depending on its length.

Next, comment on other people’s real estate blogs. Your web content provider can do this for you. Search engines love relevant links. Refrain from commenting on blogs that are not related to your own. Every time you comment on another’s blog, link to it. Also, once you have established quite a bit of content in your own blog, insert links in your posts to other posts that are similar in nature. For instance, if you wrote a post about real estate foreclosures and have other posts relevant to that one, link to it. Make sure the posts you are linking to have up to date information.

Since you are already reading and commenting on other blogs related to the industry, reference them in your own posts. If you write a post about the percentage of real estate foreclosures in your, area provide a link to a blog that offers advice on preventing foreclosures. Make sure you are not referencing the competition. You don’t need to provide them with more exposure. Referencing other blogs is a great way to network and gain exposure for yourself in return.

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