Social Media for Non-Profits - Update Your Status and Tweet During Peak Times

As a non-profit, you know why you use social media but are you using it at the most productive times a day? Whether you are using social media to build your brand, increase your conversion rates, or take a stand and spread the word about your cause, reaching a large audience is imperative.

It is also important to post updates and tweet during peak times to reach out to those who are already following you. Currently, Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media platforms. When your followers sign in, your non-profit profile should be one that they see.

Typically, Monday is the day that people begin perusing Facebook in droves. The weekend has come and gone and everyone is starting a new work week. Tuesday and Wednesday have peak numbers as well. These three days are when people click through their friends pages and pages they like and comment the most. The best times to reach these people are from noon to 6 p.m.

Twitter does have its peak times during the day when it sees more people logging in. The best way to gage what time is best for you to tweet is to keep track of which times you gained the most number of followers and responses. For instance, if you’re tweeting when most people in your region or target audience are asleep, you’re not very likely to be seen or gain new followers at that time.

Twitter’s peak times, which vary depending on which part of the world you are in, are best during the work week. In the U.S., Twitter begins to wake up around 9a.m. and gets busy again around noon. Once 3 p.m. rolls around Twitter begins to light up, then again around 6p.m. When you first begin to track when people are most likely to follow you, focus the majority of your tweeting during these times.

However please note that these times are just suggestions if you are just getting started. As your social media campaigns progress, you should be tracking your analytics to discover which times are indeed the best times for your organization to post content to social media profiles.                              

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