Taking a Stand on Social Media for Non-Profits

Has your non-profit turned to social media yet? If not, your organization is missing out on the potential to gain a loyal following of supporters. Social media is a great place to take a stand and promote your cause.

Your Vision

What sets your non-profit apart from others? What is its vision? Your vision should be easy to discern on your social media pages. Are you working towards living in a world where no child goes hungry at night or living in a neighborhood without gang violence?

Whatever your vision, everyone that visits one of your social media pages should sign off knowing exactly what it is you strive for. They should also know what obstacles are standing in your way and what changes need to be made to rectify the situation.

Your Motivation

What has motivated you to take a stand? Use personal accounts, testimonials, pictures and statistics to show people exactly what is fueling your desire to fight for something. The way you present the things that motivate you is extremely important.

Your presentations should be relatable and easy to understand. Use graphics and analogies to get your point across. Break things down and compare them to the happenings of everyday life.


After clicking through your social media pages, your followers should be educated about your cause and feel as motivated as you to take a stand. Encourage them to take action. Provide an incentive.

For example, the American Red Cross has partnered with Dunkin' Donuts in the past and given away free bags of coffee to each person who donated a pint of blood.

A successful social media marketing campaign converts followers into participants. Provide an easy way for your followers to do this by providing a link to your website where they can make a donation, find a location to volunteer, and so on.

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