Successful Real Estate Agents Define Target Demographics Online

When it comes to demographics, there is quite a bit of criteria to choose from. Find out who is using the internet to search for real estate services and information and use it to your advantage. First, you need to stick to marketing towards people who need your real estate services. Secondly, choose your demographics wisely and format your online advertising methods to attract those very people.

Before deciding on a demographic, it is important to know which ones are out there and available to you.

Income: Many real estate agents define their demographics based on income. Income ranges among families, towns and regions. Decide on whether you want to market to someone looking to buy/sell a single family home or one that is in the multi-million dollar range.

Net Worth: This is similar to income. Potential clients with different net worth’s will fit into different markets and niches. Clients with different net worth’s generally require different real estate services.

Age: People of all ages are in the market to buy/sell homes. Age comes with many factors including financial. How much do your potential clients have to spend and how much are they willing to spend? Also, age plays a large role in determining where someone chooses to live such as close to the center of the city or in a gated retirement community.

Marital Status: This demographic is not as popular as others. Many couples live together without being married or may even live in different regions altogether, making this demographic more difficult to market to. When marketing to this demographic keep these things in mind. Are they looking for a bachelor pad to throw parties (single) or a single family home (couples)?

Children: Potential clients with children are in a market of their own. Schools, crime rates, location, dwelling type and community are factors that often come into play with this demographic.

Geography: Geography has much to do with regions, areas of the city and neighborhoods. This demographic can include clients looking for a place on the beach, suburbs, hubs, country, etc.

Dwelling Type: This includes clients looking for different types of dwellings such as single family homes, mansions, beach houses, commercial property, ranches, town houses, etc.

More than one demographic may be combined when choosing which demographic to market to online.

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