Promote Upcoming Open Houses with Email Marketing

Promoting your brand and your agency is an essential form of real estate marketing when it comes to staying ahead of the competition. E-mail marketing is a beneficial avenue of online advertising, that when done correctly, can drive in potential clients, persuade existing clients to retain your services and enhance existing relationships with current clients.

It’s also an effective way to distribute real estate advice and news of upcoming open houses. E-mail marketing has often been compared to direct mailings, print newsletters and advertising in print newspapers and magazines and shares the same results.

Is E-mail Marketing Popular?

The answer to this question is yes. E-mail marketing is popular because it’s cost effective which is a must in this economy. It also allows you to send messages and real estate advice directly to clients and potential clients in your target audience.

The Benefits

You can create your own list of opt-in e-mail addresses or rent one from a service company. Targeting your audience is simplified with e-mail marketing.

You can send out e-mails to clients in a specific geographical area, to buyers or sellers or those in a specific market. The possibilities of narrowing your target audience and furthering your real estate market are endless.

You can create long-term relationships through e-mail marketing by providing beneficial and need to know information. Also, send out information on upcoming open houses and listings available that would be of interest to specific markets.

To save yourself some time, advertise in someone else’s e-newsletter. Find a publication that promotes real estate advice and pay to advertise in it. There are many publications designed for this specific purpose.

The Golden Rule

Never send spam, always get permission from the owner of the e-mail address before sending them a promotional e-mail. Permission is obtained when a client or potential client opts-in to your list.

There are laws and regulations you must abide by before sending out any form of commercial e-mails as part of your real estate marketing. Brush up on the rules and regulations in your area.

If you don’t follow the golden rule then you could be considered a spammer and risk damaging your reputation.

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