Tell People Why They Should Hire You as Their Real Estate Agent

A large part of internet marketing involves marketing yourself as a real estate agent. Too many businesses think the sole purpose of a website is to sell a product or service. In reality, you are marketing your brand. Marketing your brand requires informing prospective clients how you and your real estate services benefit them. How can you use your website to market yourself as an agent and what information should you provide?

List the Benefits

Post content that provides the answers to the following questions.

Why does hiring a real estate agent give prospective clients an advantage?
How does your expertise/experience benefit them?
What type of real estate services do you provide?
What types of decisions will you help prospective clients make?
What is your mission?
What areas do you specialize in?
Have you won any awards?
Are you certified? (List all certifications)
What geographical area do you specialize in?
How much experience do you have?
How do you help a prospective client buy/sell a property?

List Information

Frequently post information that is beneficial, relevant and current. Post information about your geographical area and expertise. Provide figures, statistics, trends and information related to your real estate services as well as anything else that may be of benefit to your clients.

Offer Advice

First time home buyers and sellers are nervous about the buying/selling process. Provide helpful information about what each process entails and what to expect. Also include information that the prospective client should be ready to share with you to make the buying/selling process smoother and more productive.

Buyers: What are their priorities? What do they want? Where do they want to live and how much do they want to spend? Let them know this information will aid you in finding the perfect property for them.

Sellers: What are the properties best features and qualities? Are there any aesthetic improvements that should be made? (Painting, etc.) This information allows you to market their property using its best features and selling points.

As a prospective client, what other information do you look for when searching for an agent to work with? As an agent, what strategies have and have not worked when it comes to marketing yourself and your services?

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