Why Keywords are Important for Your Real Estate Blog and Website

You have probably heard of keywords and keyword phrases. In order to effectively use keywords and phrases to optimize blogs and websites for SEO purposes, you must understand what they are and why they are so important.

Basically, when an internet user types a word or phrase into a search engine, those are considered keywords and phrases. Optimizing your real estate blog and website with keywords is important because it drives in traffic.

Keywords are used to describe the information listed on your blog or website. Let’s say you frequently post information on real estate foreclosures or the median sales price for listed properties in your area. Real estate foreclosures and median sales price would be your keywords. Keywords are added to blogs and websites in the form of tags.

The keywords are then stored in an index within search engines. The next time someone types the words real estate foreclosures or median sales price into a search engine, your real estate blog or website will be listed in the search engine index. Your page rank determines how high your website is listed in the index.

To help you find which keywords and phrases are most commonly being searched for, you can use keyword tools provided by sites such as Google. To narrow down commonly searched for keywords and phrases, look for ones that are related to your type of website. In this case it would be real estate, foreclosures or average prices. Also, to make your word and phrase search easier, Google lists keywords and phrases by category and subcategory.

Choose your keywords wisely and do not overdo it. Remember, the keywords you have listed in your tags must appear within your website and blog. Keyword stuffing, meaning adding content full of words and phrases with no meaning to simply drive in traffic, is not allowed by search engines. Keyword stuffing can result in suspension or removal from search engines.

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