Tips from Ozio Media: Complaint Against My Business - Now What?

Disclaimer: Ozio Media complaint tips in this article are designed to help you figure out a timely response to a complaint through content. However the way in which your company ultimately decides to handle complaints against your business should be determined by your company's internal practices for handling complaints. The information given here is only a suggestion.

As you already may know, content is much more than the information you have posted on your website or blog. It also comes in the form of comments left on blogs and posts made on social media websites.

The first step in handling a business complaint is to acknowledge the complaint itself.

Ozio Media Complaint Tip Number 1: Attack the complaint through new content on your website or blog. Using one of these platforms enables you to take up as much space as you need to acknowledge and address the complaint as well as offer a solution in an environment that you can control.

Company websites and blogs are effective places to address a major complaint. Begin by writing a title that identifies the complaint and hints to your audience what you are doing about it. The beginning of your content should acknowledge the business complaint, what it is about, and who it affects.

Admit to the issue at hand if it has proven to be true or dismiss the issue backed up with evidence. State a reason why the issue has occurred and offer an effective solution to your unhappy customers. Next, inform your audience what you are doing to fix the issue and the steps you are taking. Provide a time frame of when the issue will be resolved and offer an apology, refund, etc.

Ozio Media Complaint Tip Number 2: Handle a customer complaint using social media. You cannot control what people say about your products, services, or company online whether it is good or bad. The best move to make is to respond to a complaint in an appropriate way and time frame before it turns into a PR nightmare.

First determine if the customer complaint is widespread or has been made by an individual or a small group. A widespread complaint response should be addressed to everyone while complaints made by just a few people should be handled individually.

Remember, on some social media websites such as Twitter, the space you have to post content is limited. You will need to condense your response. You can always provide a link to a more detailed response on your website or blog.

Ozio Media Complaint Tip Number 3: Issue a press release to address the business complaint. A press release is typically only issued when a major issue or complaint arises. Follow the outline from tip number one and submit the press release to the appropriate publications and directories.

These Ozio Media complaint tips are designed to help you reach your customers through your content when addressing a complaint.

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