Ozio Media Reviews the Good and Bad of SEO Content

Ozio Media reviews the good and bad sides of SEO content because SEO can make or break the success of an online marketing campaign. There are several beneficial reasons why the articles you post on your website should be optimized for the search engines.

The Good

SEO content attracts visitors to your website. You need visitors to your website before you can do anything else such as convince them to opt-in to your mailing list or convert them into customers. SEO attracts visitors to your website by placing keywords in your content.

Keyword phrases are the words and phrases people type into their favorite search engine when looking for information online. Efficiently optimizing a website by doing proper keyword research helps to increase profits and website traffic because you are reaching more people.

You have invested a lot into your online business and in order to make a profit and stay in business, you need people to visit your site and buy your goods and services. When SEO is used properly, you can target specific traffic to your website. This means you'll be targeting people that are in the market to buy what you are selling.

When your site is properly optimized for the search engines and you have created many backlinks to your site from other sites, your site's page rank increases. This is important because you want potential customers to see your website pop up first in the index of their searches. Websites that pop up on the first one or two pages of search engine indexes receive the bulk of targeted traffic.

The Bad

There is a bad side to SEO as well. Reviews of the bad side of SEO clearly indicate that stuffing too many keywords into your content results in driving traffic away because the search engines will lower the ranking of your website. The worst case scenario can result in your website being banned by search engines. In this case, you will not be found in any new searches.

Keyword stuffing (using too many instances of a keyword phrase in an article) also results in poorly written content that is difficult to read. Each piece of content should be reviewed to make sure it is not saturated with keywords because it will not be of any value to readers. Search engines dislike keyword stuffing because it's considered cheating in order to get your page rank higher.

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