Are You Serious About Selling Your Home?

If you are serious about selling your home, it’s time to put your copywriting skills to the test. Whether you are running an ad in your local paper or real estate magazine or marketing online, there are several factors you need to consider before writing your copy.

Target Market

Take a good look at the home you are selling. Who is most likely to buy and who exactly are you trying to sell to? This is your target market. If you are selling a multi-million dollar home or one suitable for a single family, focus your marketing efforts directly to that specific market. This includes how you write your copy and where you choose to place it.

The Copy

The first few lines of your copy need to contain a well written description of the home you are selling. This way your target market knows exactly what you are selling. If they are interested they’ll keep reading.

Secondly, list the best selling points of your home. For example, if it’s a single family, list the number of bedrooms, baths, square footage of the home, acreage and any other points that will stand out to a person looking for a single family home.

Thirdly, include information about the neighborhood, school system, crime rates, recreation, shopping, daycare options and job availability in the area. These are all points that small families consider when looking to make a move.

An Added Bonus

Include pictures of your home both inside and out. Pictures are a great way to entice people to physically visit the home. Placing one or more pictures with your ad can get expensive so choose your pictures wisely. Include pictures of the selling points you listed in your ad. This ties everything together.

Ad Revision

Always revise and edit your ad several times before placing it. Make sure it is free of all spelling and grammatical errors as this is a huge turnoff for prospective buyers. Only include factual information in your copy and leave the fluff for the walk through of your home.

Where you place your ad is just as important as the information you include in it. Place your ad where the people most likely to buy will see it. Writing good copy is the first step to advertising the sale of your home.

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