Social Media Works for Non-Profits

Businesses and organizations in every industry have felt the sting left from a faltering economy. Corners are being cut, cutbacks made and budgets reduced, not only in online marketing but in all aspects of business. Non-profits haven’t gone unscathed and have seen a decrease in donations and in some cases, the number of people willing to help out another when they are struggling themselves.

Social media is here to stay. Some people have even gone as far as to say it’s an evolution in the way we market our organizations and communicate with our customers. Many non-profits have looked to social media to help ease the burden of a bad economy for several reasons.

Cost-Effectiveness: For the most part, social media is free. Signing up and claiming a stake on a social network doesn’t cost a thing. Hiring consultants, strategists and social media directors is where some large organizations are choosing to spend money.

Potential to Reach Mass Markets: The ability to reach world-wide markets is at your fingertips. You can connect with supporters in your local community, across the country or in another hemisphere.

Increase in Participant Conversion Rates: Social media is an optimal place to post links to websites where people can make a donation, sign up to volunteer, or take a stand themselves.

Personalized Communication: Responding to comments and feedback from followers can be personalized on social media. It’s a place for people to interact, ask questions and pass along thoughts and ideas.

Snow-Ball Effect: Social media has its own version of the snow-ball effect. Lots of people view who their friends are following who they “like” and are networking with. Gaining new followers from existing followers can garner far more support than many people think.

Social media is a community built for sharing. Is your non-profit using social media? What tips are you willing to share?

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